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Fleet Sales at Direct Vehicle Sales

Meeting the needs of corporate buyers.

Imagine you could pick up the phone right now and brief your own in-house fleet buying department to find the very best nearly new vehicles you need. That five minute call would delegate the task to specialist buyers who will report back to you with candidate vehicles.

This is a reality for hundreds of companies who use Direct Vehicle Sales to manage the purchase of their nearly new cars or vans. They know that our independence from franchise dealers and manufacturers enables us to put their interests first. They leave it to us while they get on with running their businesses.

One five minute call and you could do the same - so why do it yourself?

And the price you see is the price you pay - no added fees or charges.

Our Expertise...

In most small to medium sized organizations, the job of buying cars or vans is fitted in and around other, more important, core tasks. This can lead to expensive mistakes being made because ensuring best value for money in buying vehicles takes time, effort, market knowledge and experience.

Using Direct Vehicle Sales for these purchases ensures that the full time, effort and extensive market knowledge is applied to every vehicle you acquire. Which maximises value for your money and releasing staff time to focus on your core business tasks.

Getting the best value for your budget

The right specification, colour, age, mileage, full service history and a verifiable background, are just some of the variables that make up a good buy.

We operate a ‘First Price Best Price’ policy saving you time and hassle.

Fast and Efficient

Finding cars and vans is our business; your deadline is our deadline.

We manage the whole process from the initial brief to the delivery to your premises.

From the best sources

The vast majority of our cars come direct from the wholesaler, which cuts out the main franchised dealer, and all are prepared in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule which entitles them to the balance of manufacturer's warranty.

Vehicle disposal and all types of finance

We can arrange the disposal of vehicles to the trade or the dealer networks.

If you wish, we can work with your existing finance house or we can offer competitive rates from our own finance company.

Why do it yourself?

We are dedicated professional buyers, waiting to find you top quality vehicles at excellent prices.

All you have to do is call when the next car or van is due to be replaced; leave the rest to us.